+ What is the difference between what you do and other financial planners?

Craig is an experienced financial planner as well as a Wealth Coach. We believe that traditional planning focuses on about 15% of our lives, by combining coaching, we can unlock a lot more of this remaining 85%.

+ Who else is in the team?

We have a small dynamic team - more info here. We also use trusted experts who align with our goal to put people first. These include Lending Specialist, Accountants, Estate Planning Specillist

+ How much will it cost?

We believe in being transparent with our fees. Our fees are detailed here:

+ What happens if we want to stop coaching?

We believe that you should be free to stop whenever you feel that you are no longer receiving value. Before we begin working togerher, we prepare a detailed fee proposal which outlines details of notice periods etc.

+ Do you get paid commission?

We do get paid from insurance companies both upfront an ongoing basis. We have factored this into our pricing and reduce the costs to accomodate this.

+ What happens if we have an insurance claim?

We handle all insurance claims in house. We have had extensive experience dealing with the claims process and take pride in our ability to get claims paid in a timely fashion when you need it most

+ Is Craig's last name really Bigelow?

Yes it is - and no he has never been called Deuce.