We believe that you should have the Minimum level of cover AT all times.

Let's face it, insurance is not sexy. If you are thinking about insurance, it is likely one of the following things are going on. Find out more about the things to bear in mind based on the different scenarios.

Bought property?

So you have bought a property and you are now looking at insurance for the first time. Seems as though everything is coming at once right?

So what should you do?


started a family?

Congratulation on the news - who would have though that the responsibilities would have started so early!

Prior to this you could afford to be selfish but now you have a responsibility to make sure your family has a back up plan in the off chance that something happens


work to hard to loose it all?

This is your chance to get selfish and make sure that no matter what happens, you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle that you have worked so hard for.