our proven framework along with new habits & Accountability we'll guide you to financial freedom.

Step 1: take control

the first 90 days

The first step is all about accepting where you are now. In most cases this can be confronting. Only after we have an accurate picture of current is it possible for any sustainable changes to be made

The first 90 days is all about this step.


step 2: Worry less

Days 90 - 180

Research shows that almost 50% of Australians list Financial Pressure as the leading cause of stress.

Now that we have a better idea of what is happening, we apply the 80/20 rule and target the things that we can alter which will lead to the biggest wins.

In doing this, we aim to have you spending less than 1 hour per week on your money


Step 3: get Ahead

Days 180 +

With a lot of the heavy lifting done, it is now time to start thinking big. Tony Robbins says that we underestimate what we can do in 10 years but over estimate what we can get done in a year.

We apply this think to the planning that we do. By breaking this down into 90 day focuses, we know very quickly if things are not working or alternatively if we can make our goals bigger.