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Learn 29 ways that you could be saving money, right now. 

You may not even realise that you're flushing dollars down the drain - learn what you can do to fix it with our free guide!

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Fix the mistakes you didn't even know you made. 

let us show you how to get back on top of your insurance and your finances. 

  • Learn the tips and tricks that may be costing you money from the last time you changed employers
  • Understand how to apply for insurance so that you're not paying more than you should be
  • Learn what to check and when to check to make sure you're always getting the best deal from your insurance
fix insurance mistakes and stop wasting money

Meet Craig.

Hi, I’m Craig and welcome to True Pride.

I’m here to help simplify the confusing, frustrating world of insurance so that you can have peace of mind and get to living your life.

I’ve been working in finance for almost 16 years; starting out as the work experience kid accidentally setting off the alarm on my first day, to owning my own fully remote business. I work hard to make True Pride the kind of business that I like to interact with - one that prioritises the people and is always working to help.

My goal is to be the kind of person that you’re always excited to hear from, because I’m just as excited to hear from you, so drop me a line and lets talk.

craig bigelow, founder of True Pride

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29 insurance mistakes that are costing you money

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